Natural Nail Designs: Take The Simplicity To A Next Level

Natural nail designs can be seen as underrated manicure, but if you try to take it into a new level, it will be your next inspiration for a manicure. As long as you keep your nail healthy, you can do any manicure you want with them. The designs can be interesting if you or nail artists know how to add some fascinating accessories such as diamonds or glitter or pain with nail polish. Furthermore, it doesn’t need too much nail technique to make it perfect, so if you have some skills, you can do it at home.

Simplicity is the new perfection, if you just want your nail to have a small spotlight on your look, let’s take a look at some beautiful natural nail designs!

Blush Nails

Let’s keep it simple! You just want your nail not too bland, then just a top coat of nail polish will be fine. Depends on how simple or bold you are, choose the coat which suits you.

Natural Nail Designs: Matte

We are talking about something elegant and simple, then add some matte color can be your good option. This lovely nail with pleasant looking can be your favorites. Or you can add different matte colors in order to have the boldest look.

Glitter Splash

Want to add something spot on? Just a bit of glitter, then your natural nail becomes absolutely outstanding. Glitter can rock any style, so you don’t have to think too much when having it so don’t worry, honey.

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Natural Nail Designs: French Manicure

As you can search for a French manicure, the perfect nail to do with this style is a natural nail. Just a simple French line and you will have an elegant yet classy look.

Nude Design

The simplest look and still keep the fancy manicure is to style your nail with nude topcoat. It doesn’t take much time to do it and maybe you can do it yourself. It’s simple and super easy!

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