Neon Nail Designs That Are Shine And Fun For Summer 2020

2020 is the year full of breaking out, and so does neon nail. These bright and eye-catching nails are becoming the trend this year and you need to have it as soon as possible to give yourself shine and fun look to welcome the summer. This nail trend is sassy and bold and it’s perfect.

Summer is coming, it’s time to treat yourself with some neon nail manicure, take a look at some designs below so you can get a perfect summertime.

Cover-Photo-Neon-Nail-Stripe2 Neon Nail Designs That Are Shine And Fun For Summer 2020

Single Neon Color

Want to look bold but still have classic? Then straight up to get your manicure with only one color cover fully your nail. Don’t think it is boring, it can make you glow up anywhere

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Neon Nail Designs: French Tip

The list of designs without french tip ideas will be a huge mistake. Without a doubt, the french manicure is making a huge influence on nail beauty. Let’s try this out and you will not regret it.

Stripe Manicure

Create an array of brightness can be a fun idea and still keep the classic. There are plenty of neon nail stripe ideas, from one color to rainbow stripe, cross-line to a straight line, the choice is yours.

Neon Nail Designs: Clear Nails

This idea may strange to you, but it made major popularity from the 90’, so why not bring them back with some clear manicure with neon shade color on your finger. Moreover, this could go perfectly with acrylic nails.

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Ombré Style

Don’t want to have a simple color design? Try to level it with ombré neon color nail. Ombré designs can go with anything, and neon nails can’t be left out. Create a vibrant and magical effect on your manicure.

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