Oily Skincare Steps – How To Take Care Of Your Oily Skin Correctly

I know that oily skin doesn’t feel good, but please don’t use facial cleanser, oil-absorbing paper too often. Oil is the best barrier for the skin and it can lock the skin moisture most effectively. Regular cleaning can reduce the amount of oil on the skin. The following methods are recommended to clean oily skin:

-Avoid perfumes, facial cleansers that contain humectants, or harsh chemicals that can irritate or dry the skin and cause the skin to produce more sebum.

-Avoid loofah and rough towels, because extra friction will stimulate the skin to produce more oil. A gentle palm or a soft clean towel is good enough

-Wash your face with mild facial cleanser or warm water. You don’t need to use the facial cleanser every time you wash your face. Simple warm water can take away excess oil on your face.

Oily skincare steps

Morning: please don’t forget to wash your face with warm water, or cold water to shrink the pores and apply sunscreen.

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Afternoon: Properly control oil and moisturize again.

If you find that your skin is oily in the afternoon, you can treat it with oil-absorbent paper. Don’t forget, the lunch break is the right time to moisturize the skin with a moisturizing spray, which can prevent the skin from producing more oil due to lack of water and dryness.

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Night: Clean thoroughly and let your skin breathe deeply.

After a whole day of makeup, air pollution, dust, etc., what the skin needs most is a good rest, just like you. After returning home, I will use a mild makeup remover to remove makeup and cleanse thoroughly, then use skincare products to comfort the facial skin.

Weekend: Use a mask or exfoliate your skin once a week for deep cleansing and maintenance.

Carbon mud masks have long been known for their oil control effects. When you are free on weekends, use a mineral mask to absorb oil and reduce skin luster and sebum levels without irritating your skin.

Hope that our Oily skincare steps might help you take good care of your oily skin and stay away from lack of water and dryness and stay away from acene.

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