Perfect Bathroom Rug Ideas That Will Save You from Slippery Floor

Choosing a rug for your bathroom is not an easy thing because it plays a vitally important role in forming the entire look of the room. In addition, the rug is an item that keeps you and your family safe from being slippery and even improves your daily routine. In general, it is important to consider the size, color, shape, and material of a rug before buying. However, because it is used in a wet and slippery condition, you should care about its durability and safety features. Therefore, spend your precious time to look through these tips and bathroom rug ideas to have a better understanding of how to make your bathroom safer.

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1. First of All, Choose a Suitable Size

It is said that you should consider the size of the bathroom and the rug before choosing other furniture. Generally, you should put the rug at the center of the room or in the area in front of the bathtub to cover the slippery floor. The ideal bathroom rug size is 2’x3’ if you’re room is 4’x5’. In case your bathroom is smaller or bigger, just flexible to change the size based on the situation.

2. Next, Color Cannot Be Chose Wildly

When discussing bathroom design, a wide range of people don’t care about the harmony of colors. However, the bathroom is as important as other rooms in the house. For example, your bathroom is currently cream tone, and your rug color can be a little bit contrary such as black, or black and white.

3. Then, Choosing Rug Shape is Simple

Because the size of the rug is limited, so there are some popular shapes used in most bathrooms you can try. They include round, rectangular, and square shapes.

4. Nearly Done, Consider Bathroom Rug Materials

Because mainly used in wet and humid conditions, the materials should be durable and long-lasting. Cotton and absorbent rugs are commonly used because they seem dry quickly and soft. Or chenille-made rugs are good at water resistance. Furthermore, a bathroom rug is exposed to water on a daily basis, so you have to choose a material that is easy to wash without destroying it and is anti-bacterial to protect your health.

5. Finally, Consider Adding Rug Pad

A rug pad can increase the ability to prevent you from being slippery. A simple pad is not seen but plays an important role in protecting you.

Bathroom Rug Ideas for Your Next Shower

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