Perfect Diamonds Nail Designs That Will Steal All The Spotlight

“Shine bright like a diamond” – Diamonds by Rihanna is a perfect quote to use all the time. Diamonds nail designs can be referred to by this. Besides many elements like pearls or glitter nail designs, diamonds are the most famous and luxurious accessories in clothing, jewelry, and of course, in manicure also. Adding these accessories will be highly recommended in many nail salons to achieve a classy yet luxurious look. Furthermore, with this shiny element, people can’t take their eyes off your nail, and maybe neither do you. Let’s rock this style to have a perfect day!

Diamonds nail designs are highly famous in the beauty world so let’s take a look at some fascinating ideas to have your own beautiful diamond manicure.

diamonds-nails-cover- Perfect Diamonds Nail Designs That Will Steal All The Spotlight

Princess Nails

Every girl in their childhood, literally any small girl always wants to become a princess. Well, with this princess diamond nails, you don’t have to come from a royal family to prove that you are a princess.

Diamonds Nail Designs: Matte Nails

Matte coat is a perfect baseline to have diamonds on it. It shows a chic and glamorous style. Moreover, matte goes with anything, so a matte topcoat with rhinestones can be your perfect nail option.

French Manicure

What can be the best to have with this style? Diamonds. Since diamonds are girl’s best friend, why not having it with the most popular nail designs in this 2020. Achieve this manicure and you don’t need to worry about your look any more.

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Diamonds Nail Designs: Pink Nail

Why do we have to specifically add this polish color? Because diamond with pink is a perfect match for a girly and fancy look. You can rock any pink shade or in any shape that you want because these two are already perfect for each other.

Hologram Nails

To achieve a whole stunning and shiny look, try this style with hologram. It will be perfect for a sunny or in the party season. No one will take their eyes off when they look at your nail.

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