Pet Owners Are Getting Dog Paw Tattoos of Their Beloved

Attoos give plenty, and a way to enjoy the beloved pet, is one of those things. What better way than to pay homage to your furry buddy than with one of her paw prints, their shape of signature is to remind you forever of all the walks, rubble bellies and fetching games you have played together.

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Many people took the dive to get tattoos with dog paw. Since the style is pretty straightforward, they’re easy to tattoo on your body and not be unsightly. However an aquarel tattoo in the style is a great choice if you want to add visual flair to the piece. It illuminates the art of the body in vivid fluid, bright hues like the personality of your pooch. For the better part of the last 10 years, dog paw tattoos have gained their popularity for the meaningful vcalues.

Pet Owners Are Getting Dog Paw Tattoos of Their Beloved

So what is the perfect way to make your pup faithful to this animal tattoo? Simple – let your dog “brand” you with a paw on your skin or paper. Then show it to your tattoo artist and get it on your skin to be translated. “It just looks like the [my dog] muddy paw [my dog] leaves throughout the house,” says Kayla Harren. “I now have one of my own for ever and ever to carry around.”

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The owners of animals honor their beloved pooches with dog paw tattoos by marking themselves. Scroll down for more ideas!

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