Portraying The Biggest Instagram Nail: The Trendy Jelly Nails

Instagram is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to nail polish trends. And so far, this fall is shaping up to copy a lot of looks, from trendy, short nails to “slime” polish (don’t knock it before you try it). And what nail style are we talking about? The trendy jelly nails.

How about a manicure that looks to your fingers like actual jelly? The biggest nail trend in the summer has been carried over into fall. Find more inspiration for your next trendy jelly nails beforehand.

jelly-nails-covẻ Portraying The Biggest Instagram Nail: The Trendy Jelly Nails

The Origin Of Jelly Manicure

We’ll explain in case you’re not that familiar with jelly nails. Anyone born in the 1990s (or with access to Google) has worn or at least watched jelly sandals — the critical warm weather in the most stunning, colorful, translucent shades. Honestly, your childhood without them wasn’t complete. Fast forward to today where the trend is back, and where your nails enter the action.

Jelly nails are a game-changing way to play with sheer color and a little texture, close to the retro sandals. The trendy jelly nails are combined with a glossy top coat and have a colored glass-like finish that is beyond cute.

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The Trendy Jelly Nails And Its Designs

Kylie Jenner has recently put transparent nails into the spotlight on beauty. Since she was seen on Instagram wearing jelly nails it has been one of the season’s must-have looks. We love these imaginative and trendy nails, and we think that you too will.

The designs for it are varied. Loving the glam nails with sparkle? What a good mix is the glitter jelly nails with a soft shade of pink. Also, the stiletto nails are long and a bright shade of pink. Nails like these are great for ladies who want a wow-wow manicure. Or you can try clear nails that look sleek and trendy, with a gem accent style. For ladies who want to try the trend, it would be fantastic but don’t like bold colors.

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