Rock this Summer with 6 Fruit-Inspired Makeup Ideas

Apart from dewy, glamorous skin, the fruit is one of my one and only favorite summer things. Give me all the watermelons, mangos, and pineapples, and I’m gonna be the happiest living creature in the world. And when I noticed that # fruitmakeup had thousands of posts on Instagram, I found myself predictably scrolling for hours, hyped by the fun designs and craving a juicy slice of watermelon. Low and behold, here I pay attention to some of my favorite styles, because when beauty and food clash, there’s just nothing better.

We rounded 5 fruit-inspired makeup ideas for you guys, summer lovers! Check them out and free your mind to the creative land.

1. Fruit-Inspired Makeup: Lemon Lime

Limes are all about yellow and green. Those 2 colors are a perfect representation for a dynamic summer. I personally love this fruit-inspired makeup look is that they are unique but not extra or dramatic at all. Take this lemon-lime look as an example. @pippathundow did a good job with her work. Check out her account on Instagram and copy the look for an endless summer.

2. Hot Fire Chilly Peppers

Chilies are technically a fruit since they have seeds, right? Anyway, this look that @pinkishpiendel created deserves a spot on this list, because look at that detail, well. Besides being technically really impressive, this might just be the best-winged eyeliner look I’ve ever seen.

3. Fruit-Inspired Makeup: Grapefruit Goddess

Grapefruit can be so picturesque if you put on it a sunset color. Add some rhinestones to bring this look to a whole new level!

4. Watermelon, Sugar

Who knew watermelon-inspired makeup could be your typical cut crease ‘s quirky and modern take on? The best thing about the look of @empress beautybarsa is that while it’s a literal representation of this juicy fruit, I certainly could see myself doing this look for a fun (socially distant!) night out.

5. Fruit-Inspired Makeup: Banana Chic

Since yellow is the unofficial color of summer, the inclusion of a banana-inspired makeup look just seems right. And this is what we call this one, banana chic. Here, @fifi starr developed a beautiful yellow cut crease with brown spots around the eyes, and a straight-winged eyeliner for a stunning, abstract fruit take.

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6. Pineapple Eyes

Okay, but how sweet are these eyes with pineapples?! I ‘m totally impressed with the way @hassilem liz bell struck the perfect balance between imaginative and fun and stylish and trendy.

Coat your lashes with some mascara to finish the look. We love the L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara, Carbon Black.

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