Saoirse Ronan Inspired Makeup: Let’s Just Match your Look to your Outfit

Getting a new red carpet to walk every night will be, for many celebrities, a perfect excuse to keep their hair and makeup plain, and repeated. Not Saoirse Ronan, however. Instead of sitting on her beauty laurels, the Irish actor used Little Women’s Promotional Tour as a perfect chance to mix the gorgeous costumes with a range of flawless makeup looks, yes, perfectly. I know what you’re thinking. How come we can copy a celebrity’s red-carpet makeup looks on our daily life? Unlike many other celebs, Saoirse Ronan is not a fan of dramatic makeup looks with edgy eyeliners and bold lips. That’s why she always appears so simple yet unique and stunning.

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Below, we rounded up some Saoirse Ronan inspired makeup that you can follow. Let’s match you look to your outfit to rock everywhere you go.

1. Saoirse Ronan Inspired Makeup: Shimmering Lilac Theme

Saoirse Ronan was the center of attention at the film’s Paris premiere at the end of 2019. She looked soooo good in Galvan’s dreamy two-tone gown, complemented by a tad intense makeup look in the same contrasting shades. Kara Yoshimoto Bua, the actress’s MUA, was able to find the exact shade of shimmering lilac for her hair, and a pleasingly beautiful lipstick matching the cherry red of the dress.

This is a very smart way to wear bright makeup colors. Try it out this summer, girls!

2. Graphic Eyeliner in Neutral Tones

Ronan 100 percent rocked the New York premiere with turquoise-studded Gucci. Yoshimoto Bua chose neutral shades as the base of her makeup look, then focus on dramatic eyeliner flicks in the same color, but bolder, and cooler. To copy her look, give it a try to Chanel’s Long-lasting Eyeliner in Deep Teal.

You can find many other Saoirse Ronan inspired makeup in the following pics.

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