Selena Gomez’s Small Neck Tattoos are My Officially New Obsession

In her growing range of inks, Selena Gomez added in the small neck tattoos. Nearly a week after her new album Rare was released, the songwriter celebrates the landmark with a project-inspired tattoo.

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Moreover, on 16 January, the pop star made his first appearance on Instagram: “Did this again @bangbangnyc — together?”. After that, she also revealed in the photo a simple tattoo with the album title. In the photo, she showed the latest ink on Instagram. The vocalist decided to put the important memory under her right ear on her body. A video on the post shows her admiring the new tattoo in a mirror.

Apart from small neck tattoos, it contains a secret tattoo on the upper arm of her album commemorating the day of her kidney transplant and a large thigh tattoo that she debuted again in November.

Fans are going to have to wait and watch Instagram see if Gomez is having more tattoos that are rare. She will possibly take a page from Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber and recall single names.

How Small Neck Tattoos affect the singer?

In view of Gomez’s health and personal difficulties, before the release of Rare, it is only fair that she wanted to pay a permanent homage to the job. The singer has also addressed her continuing battle with mental health problems in connection with life-saving kidney transplant operations. The Wall Street Journal told her that mental health treatment “absolutely changed my life.” It stayed transparent about taking care of herself

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It’s nice to see the star coming back to the public. We’re happy to see she’s basking in the glow of her latest album release and this tattoo will be a reminder of those good times for life.

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