Shine Bright And Be A Spotlight With The Neon Green Nails

Bored of classic pink, red or nude nail colors? If so, this is where it should be! Today we would like to show you ways to wear green neon nails. Neon green is such a color-making comment. Not only that but with the neon, you can make beautiful nail art.

Neon colors will certainly make a bold makeover of your nails. So, read on and have a peek at some of the latest designs. If you haven’t previously loved bold neon green nails, you will now because there’s something for everyone!

neon-green-nails-cover Shine Bright And Be A Spotlight With The Neon Green Nails

Different Designs For This Bright Polish

You should try any of the neon green nails with mani options. You can replicate those nails yourself easily. What you’ll need is a green neon polish which can be purchased online. We love this color and think other nail shapes will look good too. Or you can be a little wild with your nails and have a different art of nailing like sparkle or French tip We love the mix of chic nail art and snake design.

A trendy shadow looks great along with nude and neon. You can find online ombre nail tutorials, and the vibrant art will fit all types of nail. Keep it that easy, or add glitter or rhinestones. These nails are ideal for ladies who want to make a statement. Recreate this look, or try out each style individually.

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Celebrities With Neon Green Nails

A-listers wore various versions of the electric hue around their hands. Cardi B matched the hue with an almond shape while the manicure version of Billie Eilish was extra-long.

Cardi B posted a video on her Instagram stories in which she showed off her nails. It was a summery, neon, lime green hue, a freshly super long, extra-pointy stiletto design. The glossy finish shines with the light of the manicurist just inches away.

Just as neon green symbolizes “moving” on a red light, so our favorite celebrities are driving the hue forward as the biggest nail color trend of all time.

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