Short Acrylic Nail Ideas That You Can’t Say No

When we are talking about nails, we always think about the crazy length or coffin shapes and how difficult to carry stuff with those nails. But that because you haven’t heard about the short acrylic nail. It’s a strong long-lasting nail art which is made by using acrylics and designed on your original nails without adding more length. Many women find it is a good, convenient way to style their nail and I’m sure that you are not exceptions.

Do you want to give the short acrylic nail a try? In case you can’t picture it yet, here are some ideas that you can’t miss.

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Pastel Mismatch

There is no sign of going down with pastel color. With this light rainbow shade acrylic nail, you can always be on-trend and don’t need to have a long nail to pull this off.

Rounded Nudes

Want to have something simple but still fancy? Then this nude manicure is a perfect choice for you. Ask your manicurist to make round acrylics to bring the fancy to you.

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Glitter Tips

You love some sparkling but don’t want to have too much, then adding only some glitters on the tip of your nails, and get the nails done with long-lasting acrylic will help those glitters stay in place.

Neon Art

Bring the highlight by adding some eye-catching acrylics to your nail. This nail art can go perfectly with the short nails and should be on your manicure list.

Marble Nails

This chic nail trend can work on every nail, especially short ones. Adding a marble design to your short nails with some nude colors will bring the bold look for you.

Short Acrylic Nail Ideas: French Tip

French nails are always classy and can be your first manicure. This idea can pull off with any shade of acrylic and look natural on your short nails. There is no limitation for a perfect French tip.

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