Shoulder Tattoos are Back in a Big Way—I’ll Tell You Why

There are a few factors to bear in mind, considering where to get a tattoo is one of them. First of all, remember how much space you need to work with while considering a design. Shoulders are the ideal choice if you want to get something complicated or big. Since shoulder-size, blank lines give such a broad design possibility – both with the shoulders and the shoulder blade. Go for a bigger tattoo on your shoulder or you can select a smaller design and compare a small tattoo to the negative space.

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Shoulder tattoos are as noticeable as you do. If you wear shirts with no sleeve, you can expect to see your tattoo, so you can put them in a shirt, a sleeve, or not at all to cover them up. Furthermore, depending on the position of your ink, you can see it, which means you can enjoy the work as much as other people. Do you feel inspired? That’s the same thing.

Shoulder Tattoos are Back in a Big Way—I’ll Tell You Why

1. Kite Shoulder Tattoo

The inherent motion of the kite is good for the shoulder blade because it’s still going. The long line brings the pattern elegantly down the arm and attracts interest.

2. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Turn your arm into a garden and begin with your shoulder rose blooming.

3. Mirrored Shoulder Tattoo

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Try to build a sense of balance on both of your shoulders with duplicate designs. The thick contours contrast only with the slender inner strips, which also yield balanced detail.

4. Word Shoulder Tattoo

A little word on the shoulder blade or sentence tattoo feels dainty about the vast amount of negative space. For a bit of whim, go for a rounded cursive font.

5. Falling Petal Shoulder Tattoo

Push a floral design a little, but add fallen petals to the tattoo using a shoulder shape. Go to light colors and thin lines to keep them smooth when using paint.

6. Line Art Shoulder Tattoo

If you want a floral design, but don’t want the usual bouquet, try to design something done in a certain style such as this ink.

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