Show Off Your Chic And Classy Look With Short Pointy Nails

Fed up with your nails and looking to try out a new design? We’ve thought about other nail shapes like the coffin before, but now it’s time for the points. It is easier to wear the shorter nails and the pointy design looks so chic, which means there is a mani that will fit everyone. And they are short pointy nails.

So, read on and look at it. We also have glam art, bold colors, and a few distinctive nail patterns. You’ll want to try all of them! If so, because we have those chic short pointy nails to point out to you, we have you covered. We’ve already spoken like a coffin about other nail shapes, but now it’s time for the points.

short-pointy-nails-cover Show Off Your Chic And Classy Look With Short Pointy Nails

The Manicure That Totally On Point

Short pointy nails are unquestionably daring. Pointed nails, or claw nails, are also known as stiletto nails. It’s a sensation that most celebrities, such as Rihanna and Adele, wear. Choose this nail shape if you want to make the finger look longer and slender. This trend is worth a try, but it is the weakest nail form as well. It is most commonly done with acrylic or gel nails to avoid damaging the natural nails.

Pointed nails are a curse, a beauty. Right now, even though they are a trend, they look ferocious. Also, it could have the potential to hurt your eyes if you’re not careful. Still, if you can wear stiletto nails on your night out with stiletto heels, then that’s absolutely awesome!

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Short Pointy Nails For A Chic Look

We’ve got these chic, tiny, pointed nails. Per nail is painted with the French art of ombre. Such a fashionable and sophisticated look is the French ombre. Apply a splash of color with a nail design to your look. It’s a fun, trendy idea for nails, and it’s a more discreet way to wear brighter colors.

To give you a sexy and elegant look, pointed nails can suit any female. If you’ve never tried this nail shape before, then these nail designs will inspire you. Enjoy the various types of stiletto nails and their shades. Try them out and confidently show off your amazing pointy nails.

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