Silver Smoky Eye – A Must-try Look for Monolids Makeup

Here is one fact: no one is born as a makeup expert. That’s why we always need a guideline for spectacular makeup and practice based on that. While there are multiple choices and makeup tutorials for double-lidded gals, monolid girls are not that lucky because they are just the minorities. There are not so many monolid makeups on the Internet. Therefore, it may take them years of their life trying to figure out ways to make it right.

Of all the monolid makeup tutorials I’ve checked, most of them show you how to make your eyes appear the least monolid as possible. Speaking of it, I cannot miss some common hacks such as using tape to fake a double eyelid, paint the lids back to hide your “problem”, etc. I mean, seriously? Why you have to fake what you don’t have? Beauty varies. Everything you have, you need to embrace and appreciate it.

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Instead of hiding your monolids, why not show them off, focus on their uniqueness and coolness? Silver Smokey eye makeup is a good start. If you are lost and doubtful about what I’m saying. There is one way to prove it. We give you a detailed tutorial below, follow the guideline, break the rules, and prove that monolid makeup should be cherished and preserved.

Step 1: Monolids Makeup’ s base

Start with a cream base to make your makeup smooth and last the entire day. Apply the shade on the whole lids with a flat shader brush.

Step 2:

From the outer corner, apply a dark color like brown or gray with a smaller brush.

Step 3:

Choose another neutral color to blend into the socket area. In this step, I’d rather use a fluffier brush.

Step 4:

Take another dark brown shade to define the outer corner. Try to create the depth and the illusion of the crease.

Step 5: Highlight to get that look

Get your flat shader brush and highlight the shadows inwards and outwards. However, to get a successful result, avoid the outer corner because it may fade the depth you have just created.

Step 6

Take a dark gray (almost black) shadow on an angled brush to use as a liner.

Step 7: Get some curls for a monolids makeup

Coat your lashes with some layers of mascara. The curler they are, the more stunning they get, I give you my word.

Scroll down for more inspiration of monolids makeup!

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