Simple Guide To Make Easy Origami Elephant

As you may know, we are familiar with elephants through songs, movies, or in the parks. So, today, we are going to make an easy origami elephant in front of you. Now, let’s go and do it!

Preparation for easy origami elephant

A square blue paper or any color that you want your elephant to have (20*20 cm)


Step 1: Make 2 cross creases and 1 middle straight one.

Step 2: Follow the creases, and then make 2 squares that are piled

Step 3: Fold the edges to the middle straight line. Then, we do the same thing with the other side.  Next, fold the head down.

Step 4: Unfold the edges of one side, and then flatten down following the creases. Do the same things on the other side.

Step 5: Do as the following pictures, and then make it into a star with 4 points.

Step 6: Turn to the other side, and fold in half to make the top point is at the center of the paper.

Step 7: Fold 2 points of the star to the center point and then fold 2 edges inside.   

Step 8: Stick 2 sides of the star points together, and fold as the following:  – easy origami elephant

Step 9: Fold down the half-down paper of the star point, then unfold, and fold back to the inside.

Step  10: From the front legs of the elephants, bend the behind legs all the way up and the edges. Pull the head over a little bit to make the tail.

Step  11: Bend the half front one of the paper down, fold 2 edges to the inside, and fold the head point up to make the trunk. That’s all for making an easy origami elephant!

I hope you will like it, and make your own elephant soon!

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