Simple Tutorial To Achieve A Stunning And Fresh 60’s Makeup Look

Today, we are going to do a 60s makeup look which is fresh and works well for summer.  The 60’s makeup is a trend that comes around again and again and again. There is a lot of designers and makeup artists who take inspiration from this look from the 60s. This look makes you feel fresh, elegant, and fall in love with it.

Step 1: Prepare for the base and apply concealer

Let’s start with the NARS – Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base prime, and apply it all over the eyelids .For the base,  we just want to have a thin layer because of a fresh summer look and apply concealer to underneath the eyes

Step 2: Do an eyeshadow

Next, we will use the shimmery shade from Smashbox – Full Exposure Palette for the eyeshadow and put a lighter highlight in the center.

Step 3: Do an eyeliner for 60’s makeup look

For this look, we are going to begin at the inner corner, and then go up at the outer corner slowly. Next, use a smaller brush and the brown and the black shade from the same palette to apply for eyeshadow.

Step 4: Apply false lashes

For this step, Ardell – Wispies can be used because it has long lashes in the middle, so it can give your eyes a round look. We will use them for both lower and upper lashes

Step 5: Apply mascara

For this look, we can use DHC – Double Protection Mascara or you can use your favorite mascara to apply it as usual for both the lower and the upper lashes.

Step 6: Use a white eye pencil for 60’s makeup

As you may know, for a wide-eyed look, we are going to use this white eye pencil to go along the lower waterline

Step 7: Draw the eyebrow

Use the blonde eyebrow to slightly lighter the eyebrow to make sure it will look light and not too dark to really suit this summer 60s makeup look

Step 8: Apply the lipstick

We will use sheer light pink to get this 60s vibe look and a lip pencil to shape and define.

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