Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Efficiently Save Your Space

Have you ever feel tired of taking a shower in a small bathroom? Are you crazy about your body touching furniture in the bathroom? Are you ready for a game-changing idea to renovate it? It’s time to give your bathroom a new look with these tips below. In this article, we would like to show you small bathroom design ideas that are beautiful, modern, and space-optimized. In addition, we also suggest some tips optimizing your space.

How to Renovate Small Bathroom Design

1. Reduce storage space as much as possible

Actually, you don’t need as much storage as you think. A simple, big cabinet is enough to store your stuff. Just think of something minimal. You should eliminate all cluttered and unnecessary items. Moreover, replacing your big, clunky bathroom vanity with a floating sink is also a great option.

2. Add more functions

After decluttering your bathroom, you should look for some useful things you can do with that space. For small bathroom design, adding a multiple-function vanity is really efficient.

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3. Add a seamless glass shower door

Using a seamless glass shower door might cost you more than a traditional shower curtain. However, it can help the space look more spacious and wider than it actually is. Besides that, it seems more durable and fashionable, which fits several types of bathroom design.

4. Small bathroom design – Go corner

It might be simple. You just use your corner to put the vanity or cabinet. It helps you save a lot of space.

5. Get rid of the door

It seems crazy. However, for any small bathroom design, a shower door is unnecessary. In this way, your room will be bigger and more comfortable.

6. Float everything

Because our eyes evaluate a space big or small depending on the floor area. Moreover, designing your wall is pretty great and cool. Besides making the space bigger, it helps you clean the area more easily.

7. Add a big mirror

As you know, a mirror can make space seem wider. Therefore, don’t hesitate to install a well-designed mirror in your bathroom right away.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Efficiently Save Your Space

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