Small Living Room Design Ideas to Optimally Maximize Your Space

We’re sure that you sometimes feel crowded and tired when staying in a small living room. And you aren’t alone. Although this is a place where you spend most of your time, you should admit a living room with limited space is struggling. However, there is always a way to make it bigger. Here are some must-try tips to help you renovate your small living room design to a more functional and larger room.

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How to Optimize Your Small Living Room Design

1. Use the walls

The best way to widen the floor space is by using your walls. Floating every possible item on the walls will help you save space for other necessary things. For example, instead of putting your TV on a table, you can hang it on. As you can see, wall-mounted storage options are both cost- and space-efficient.

2. Use a big rug for small living room design

Although it is challenging to find a rug that fits your small living room design, it worths your efforts. A big rug will make you feel the room larger than it actually is. Besides, the rug adds a special factor to the room.

3. Hang your curtains high

Hanging curtains high creates an illusion that your room is larger. This impression focuses on the tall ceilings and distracts the floor.

4. Skip the coffee table

The coffee table is not really necessary in the living room. If you need a way to put things like a cup of tea, you can choose other options like a pouf or a makeshift coffee table.

5. Make it multi-purpose

Widely used by several people, the multi-purpose small living room design brings in a lot of benefits. You can both save your area and add more functions to the room.

6. Maximize the space for small living room design

A clever way to make the small living room bigger is to make sure you wisely use the space. A corner can put a plant pot or some baskets to store items. You even can use the space under the chair, bench, and table to hide stuff as well.

7. Go minimalist

Choosing a minimalist style might be a game-changing option for any cluttered and messy room, not only for the living room. Because when you want to get minimalist, you are getting rid of unnecessary things on the floor to spare space for functional things.

Small Living Room Design Ideas to Optimally Maximize Your Space

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