Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas for a Modern Living Space

In recent years, studio apartments have become popular all around the world when an increasing number of people want to have their own space without paying a fortune. Although, when compared to all other small apartments, a studio apartment seems inferior, it still creates a comfortable living space for anyone. For example, a studio is size-limited and function-limited. However, if you know how to decorate it, it will become your paradise. Check this article carefully because we are sharing you with some useful tips to get your studio apartment design and some real designs.

Tips on Actualizing Studio Apartment Design Ideas

1. Divide the room into several parts

Because most of studio apartments are mainly designed to be a single room, all you need to do is to divide it into smaller rooms. To divide and define each living area with different furnishing elements, you should consider having a curtain, a shelf, or a sofa as a divider of the room.

2. Wisely use the space

You can hide stools under the dining table, a hidden drawer inside a sofa, or a hidden bed to spare more space and help you organize stuff. However, please remember not to get rid of your walking way unless it is necessary.

3. Find multi-purpose furniture for studio apartment design

Nowadays, there are a lot of things that can be used in different ways. For instance, a bed can turn into a sofa or a dining table can change its size easily. The main point is that whether you can find these kinds of furniture for your studio apartment design or not.

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4. Use natural light as much as possible

This is a small trick for a healthier and more comfortable room where you can enjoy the light brightening your living areas, even the darkest corners.

5. Neutralize colors

In general, neutral colors might make the room look bigger than it actually is. For a small studio apartment design, it is very important. When you apply neutrality to the room, try to use small, visible furniture.

6. Consider the size of the furniture

This is vitally important because your room size is limited. If you live alone, your sofa or dining table is unnecessary to be large.

7. Elevate the bed

If possible, you can vertically divide the room into two areas. The under area is for daily activities like cooking, working, and showering. The top area is for your bed time where you put the bed. Like that, your room will be much bigger than you expected.

Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas for a Modern Living Space

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