Some Amazing Libra Tattoo That You Can Try In 2020

A Libra symbol can represent equality and harmony, which makes you feel the relation to the peacemaker.  If you are considering taking Libra for a tattoo, there will be a lot of ideas waiting for you. They can be in different shapes, and sizes depending on how you want to have it. So today, we are going to check out some Libra tattoo ideas for inspiration for your next tattoo.

Rose Libra tattoo

As we may know, not only Libra but also roses carry a variety of meanings. If you can combine both of them, it can be so special. For this rose Libra design, you can keep it in black and grey ink or colorful one if you want to achieve a more eye-catching design.  The combination of love, mystery, peace and harmony is going to bring you about a mixed feeling of happiness and excitement.

Mixed Crown Design

With this mixture and the meaning of two tattoos, you will feel your power and peace. You can have it in different sizes. But the range from small to medium one is recommended. You can have one crown and libra tattoo on your arm, ankle or upper hands. In case you have it tattooed on one of your fingers, it will look like your rings.

Libra Love Design

As you probably know, Libra is said to be ruled by Venus, so it’s extremely romantic. So, needless to say, a Libra love tattoo can be good at expressing a romantic feeling and love for lovers. It can be mixed with simple love symbols like a heart, for example. This can be proof of your eternal love.

Number Libra Tattoo

There are a lot of things that you can go with Libra. Why don’t we try to add numbers which are meaningful to us to this tattoo? It can be an important occasion date for us, it can the date of a person that we love, or it can be any number that we want to remember for the rest of our life.

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