Some interesting ideas for sassy nails to wear in 2020

Do you feel boring with your current nails? Are you seeking something different? Today, we are going to check out some interesting ideas for sassy nails which you can refuse to wear in 2020. Let’s go and see what they are!

Skull sassy nails

As you probably know, the Halloween festival is going on. So, why don’t we try skull nails? This might be not only cute but also cool and sassy at the same time. There are a variety of options for you to choose from. Let’s choose the best one depending on your preferences.  You will make other people say “Wow! That’s so impressive!” if you wear these nails to the parties for Halloween. Let’s take a look at some ideas below!

Pumpkin Halloween sassy nails

Another amazing idea coming from the Halloween festival is pumpkin. This looks as cool as skull nails but with different styles. The colors are mainly black and orange. But of course, you can change them to the colors that you feel that it’s sassy.  It is not required that you have to cover all your nails with 10 pumpkins. Let’s mix them with other stuff to make them more attractive.

Ombre nails

The ombre hair is said to be trendy in 2020, and so do the ombre nails. So, be creative and having your own ombre nails, the color transition makes your nails look so special. There are a lot of colors and nail designs as well that you can try.  Take a look at the following ideas for inspiration!

These are some interesting ideas about sassy nails that I think it is worth trying. I hope you will enjoy the post and find inspiration to have your own sassy nails soon!

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