Some Interesting Tattoo Ideas Inspired By Cardi B Tattoo

When it comes to the best female rappers with unique and cool style, we cannot miss Cardi B. If you are going to have a tattoo, and still do not know what to have, let’s take some excellent ideas from Cardi B tattoo as inspiration for yours.

Offset – Cardi B tattoo

Although she is really dope and cool on the stage, she is an extremely romantic wife. Last year, she had her husband name – Offset on the left thigh with black ink. Needless to say, this tattoo shows how much she loves her husband, and how important he is to the well-known rapper.

“I Love You”  Gesture

If you notice Cardi B’s right ear, you will see “ I love you” gesture tattoo in black ink and small star. About the meaning of this tattoo, it has not been shared officially yet.

Cheetah Cardi B Tattoo

As you may know, the cheetah is spotted not only on her body but also in her music videos such as “WAP” and “Bodak Yellow”. So, it can be implied that this animal can have something meaningful to her.

Peacock Tattoo

One of the colorful and easy-to-spot tattoos is the peacock. It’s a huge tattoo from the hip to the knee. For this outstanding tattoo, it took her a large amount of time to complete the whole tattoo. In fact, she has got the tattoo since 10 years ago, and decided to reink it and add some details like flowers, which is a little bit different from her original one

Tommy G – Cardi B Tattoo

We can see “ Tommy G” line with red ink from her wrist, which reminds us of her ex Tommy Geez. Over time, this tattoo is faded a lot.

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