Somi’s Makeup Looks are All I Look at in “What You Waiting For”

After debuting, we have not seen Somi for a year. Now she makes a comeback with a new dancy music video called “What You Waiting For”. It is such a success that did reach up to ten million views on Youtube in just 3 days. We not only love the dance moves of the singer but also love the aesthetic theme of the video. Below, I listed 6 stunning beauty moments from Somi’s “What you Waiting for”. Scroll down for a glimpse at Somi’s makeup looks. Some of them are worth trying.

1. Blushing Base

At the beginning of the music video, we cannot have a look at something else but the blushing makeup of the singer. The coral cheeks, mochi skin, and the glossy tint lips just match so well to each other. I’m speechless guys.

2. Somi’s Makeup Looks – Bedazzled Blue Liner

If Somi looks so innocent with the blushing base in the first scene, she appears like a different person in the next scene. Inspired by the ‘80s queen look, Somi rocked it with metallic silver lines. I love how the earrings and the dress are both shimmery and match so well to each other.

3. Sword Hair

What’s a better way to secure your hair than using a tiny sword?

4. Somi’s Makeup Looks – Graphic Glitter Lids

When Somi tried to make herself look like a disco ball, she dressed and do makeup in silver tone. She looks so good with silver eye shadow and graphic liner, right?

You can have the same experience with a similar makeup look when using Stila’s Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Diamond Dust.

5. Diamond Part

If you notice, we find the similarity between Somi’s headband and Jenny’s diamond strands in “How you like that” music video. To create Somi’s makeup looks, coat your lids with foil-like silver.

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6. High Pony and Fine Liner

A high ponytail and ultrathin cat eyes are expected to be a trendy combo sooner or later!

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