Sparkling Origami Star To Decorate Your Studying Corner

Today, we gonna learn how to make a pretty origami star. Let’s go and do it together!


The preparation for making origami stars is extremely easy and you do not have to worry about it.

Just prepare rectangular strips 1,5cm in width and 30cm in length.

Instruction to fold an origami star

Step 1: Cross 2 parts of the paper strip to make an alpha letter shape. One part is longer than the other. 

Step 2: Cross 2 parts of the strip

Step 3: Fold the shorter part inside.

Step 4: One hand is to hold the folded part, and the other hand is to pull a little bit to make a tie and try not to make it creasy.

Instruction to fold an origami star

Step 5: Turn to the other side and fold the leftover shorter part inside. Once you create a pentagon with 4 sides of the same length, fold the leftover to the opposite side.

Step 6: Turn up the other side, and then you will see the pentagon. Next, turn to the other side, and fold the leftover to the opposite ( next to the original side)

Step 7: Do as the instruction above. From the side with the leftover paper, you can fold to the opposite ( the one next to the leftover paper before). Until you can see that the left part of the paper strip is short ( about 2cm), you will put it through the layer that you’ve just folded and then cut the left part.  

Step 8: Finally, press a little bit at the 5 sides of the star to make a completed sparkling origami star. 

That’s all for the instruction to make origami stars today. I hope you will enjoy it, and see you in the next posts.

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