Spiritual And Psychedelic Animal Tattoos by Gabriel De Souza

Who is Gabriel De Souza?

First of all, the Singaporean Tattoo artist Gabriel De Sourza, also known as Wolf Sloth. He studied graphic novels in graphics. Later on, he graduated from an art university. Over the past 8 years, he has tattooed and demonstrated mainly projects based on nature, spirit, and psychedelic subjects in a neo-traditional graphics style. He has set out to push its art form to Europe, the United States, and Canada and develop its craft skills too.

Tattoo Design by Gabriel De Souza

“I love having fun with my designs, most of them touching on organic stream and textures, which are heavily influenced by patterns in nature and the cosmos. We have to find out more about Gabriel by e-mail and he has told us that. “Often enjoy the use of additional colors and contrasts in my work. To meet and tattoo someone interested in collecting anything done by me! So, I would love to discover more of this planet than I can”.

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He also stated that: “Open your mind, and you will never know what you will find,”. That means he believes in the word and represents his limitless imagination that first becomes flashes. Finally, the last step is flawlessly inking upon the skin. His style is audacious and bright and very informative.

Spiritual And Psychedelic Animal Tattoos

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He is extraordinarily passionate about drawing animals, and often he collages composite works. You will see a glitchy dissected frog with a pangolin, a wolf in the body with a bear, a pangolin-wearing skull, a pantheon armadillo, a bizarre frog, and more. On request and depending on your skin tone, he usually put on his own designs in black and white, and colorful. Often he gives short courses on animal tattoo stylizing, and often searches for fun and unusual ventures. Instagram has an impressive feed that shows the extraordinary tattoo designs of the planet.

Scroll down for more Spiritual And Psychedelic Animal Tattoos by Gabriel De Souza.

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