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Splendid Watercolor Tattoo Designs by Aleksandra Katsan

Watercolor Tattoo Designs by Aleksandra Katsan 1

Who is Aleksandra Katsan?

In Kiev, Ukraine, before entering the world of body art Aleksandra Katsan worked as a web designer. At first, she used to drew banners, concert posters, etc. In 2011, she tattoos her first design. “I felt a real passion for drawing on the body since infancy and I realized that it was a great responsibility and privilege for me to be so sure that people would encourage me to tattoo it.” She said in one of her interviews.

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When she met her future husband, Dimitry Katsan, she became more acquainted with tattoo art. He tattooed my arm, encouraged me, gave me a computer, always taught me, almost any job that helped speed up the learning process was monitored.

Watercolor Tattoo Designs by Aleksandra Katsan

She is a watercolor artist and has a great talent for painting modern artworks on her customers’ bodies. “Not everyone’s in this kind of style, my customers are usually imaginative people who know what they want. I want a “mood” in the drawing if the tattoo looks like a body painting, not a sticker if there’s dynamics. For her floral and animal designs, she chooses bright colors. You should get an appointment with it if you are a fan of watercolor tattoos.

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Check out her amazing piece of art below with a variety of watercolor tattoo.



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