Step-by-step tutorial: How to do an eye-catching eyeliner for almond eyes

Almond eyes have been considered as one of the eye shapes that is easy to put the eye makeup on. So, today, we are going to find out how to draw an eye-catching eyeliner for people with almond eyes in a few simple steps in a short amount of time.

Step 1: Apply matte eyeshadow

Take the favorite matte eyeshadow which suitable to your eyelid and then, you’re going to start o apply that all over your eyelid with a brush. The reason why we had better apply it before drawing eyeliner is that it will be more challenging if you do it later and maybe your eyeliner can not be clearly seen.

Step 2: Apply the eyeliner

Take your favorite black liquid eyeliner to draw an eye-catching almond eye eyeliner or any color and any products that you want to use. Then,  create a line or like triangle which is in the range of 90 degrees to 180 degrees

Step 3: Slowly bring it down

Bring the line down on the eyelid at the middle of the line, and you should be careful with this.

Take it slow and bring it from the middle of the line that you created all the way to the middle of your eyelid. Then, bring the line closely to the lash line as much as possible.  

Step 4: Use mascara and false lashes for eye-catching eyeliner for almond eyes

Apply the mascara, but remember to take a little bit. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for you to apply the fake eyelashes later, and take some falsies to apply.

Step 5: Use white or skin tone eye pencil

Use a skin-tone eye pencil or a white one, and apply it on your waterline. This will really help your eyes look bigger when you try it. That’s all for eye-catching eyeliner for almond eyes.

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