Have you ever wondered what you can buy with the 2 dollars when you come to Japan? Surprisingly, there is a lot of street food under 2$ in Japan you can try. Today, we are going to go around Japan to find out what kind of food we can enjoy there with 2 dollars.  

1. Soft serve ice cream

Creamy ice cream which comes in milk, chocolate, fruit or green tea flavor will be the great combination in a cone for you to eat in summer or even in winter. Soft serve ice cream is popular with local people and visitors. The smooth texture of the ice cream will make you feel mouth-watering.  

2. Takoyaki

When it comes to Japanese street food under 2$ in Japan, takoyaki cannot be missed. They are little balls in round shape made with the wheat flour as well as pieces of octopus. Enjoying when it’s still hot will make you feel the octopus inside more delicious.  

3. Okaki (Rice cracker)

Okaki is made from glutinous rice.  This kind of cracker is crunchy, crispy and is flavored with different seasonings. It can be also covered by a layer of seaweed.

4. Street food under 2$ in Japan: Menchi katsu

This is a deep-fried ground meat patty with chopped onions and seasonings. You will feel that it’s really juicy and tasty from the first bite. This kind of meat has special taste different from other fried meatballs. 

5. Fruit stick

If you are searching for something fresh to eat, fruit sticks are perfect for you. It is a type of street food served on skewers. You can order any kind of fruit that you want such as strawberry, mango, kiwi, and melon.

6. Mitarashi Dango

They are dumplings made with rice flour and covered by sweet soy sauce. You will definitely love it if you like something sticky and chewy.  

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