Sunset Eyeshadow: A Step-by-Step Makeup Tutorial

You want an ultimate drama to look? Go to a sunset eyeshadow makeup. Sunsets are always vibrant and colorful. So is this look. You can be creative and play with the colors to create your own beautiful set of colors. Ogleschool has given you a detailed guideline to create an orange and purple look. Scroll through to find out more.

Step 1: Prime Your Lids

To make the colors last the whole party or the entire day, don’t forget to apply an eyeshadow primer. It also helps to create a perfect base for you to lather up the next layers of hues.

Step 2: Define the Eye

For a complicated eye makeup like this one, defining the eyes is necessary, especially for beginners. Use a nude shade in this step to draw a strong diagonal winged shape.

We love the Narrative in the Poison Garden palette by NABLA.

Step 3: Building Depth for Sunset Eyeshadow

Apply a dark purple hue like the shade “Opera” to the outer corner of your eyes. Then, draw a winged eyeliner to elongate your eye shape.

Step 4: Mid-tone of Eyelids

Imagine that your eyelids are divided into 3 equal parts. The purple color is in the outer third section. In the center one, create a multi-tone and gradually blend it into the purple. Then we have an ombré.

Step 5: Light-tone of Eyelids for Sunset Eyeshadow

For the inner section, apply a light rose or some colors having the same tones. Again, blend this hue into the fuchsia.

Step 6: Orange Splash

Orange is all we want for a perfect sunset. Apply matte orange eyeshadow to the inner corner.

Step 7: Shade Lower Lash Line

Don’t forget your lower lash line if you want smoke effect.

Step 8: Line Eyes for Sunset Eyeshadow

Create wing lines with a liquid black eyeliner. The ZOEVA’s Soft Kohl eyeliner in the Noir shade is our favorite.

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Step 9: Boost Lashes to Finish the Look

With volumizing mascara, add a coat of rich, black color to your eyelashes to complete this look of an unforgettable sunset eye.

Here are more pictures from sunset eyeshadow makeup look that will definitely inspire you.

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