Swimming In The Cycle With The Best Pisces Tattoo Designs

Pisces are compassionate by nature, spiritual, and very open to self-exploration. Maybe you represent your sign as the pared-down, streamlined zodiac sign, or as two complex fish swirling in everlasting synchronicity around each other. Then, your Pisces tattoo designs will show the world how proud you are to be born under that sign.

pisces-tattoo23 Swimming In The Cycle With The Best Pisces Tattoo Designs

The Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is the Zodiac’s 12th and final sign, marking the end of the period before it begins anew. Therefore, most Pisces bear many of the characteristics of many of the signs that come before them, even though they don’t always let them appear.

Pisces are the people born between 20th February and 20th March, and hence the factor that defines them is Water (along with Cancer and Scorpio). The fish is ruled by planet Neptune, named after the sea’s Roman god, reflecting an illusion, imagination, and ingenuity. Therefore, there are many inspirations for Pisces tattoo designs.

We just need to look at some of the most famous fishes to get a notion of the traditional Pisces personality traits and prototypes: Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore, etc.

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The Pisces Tattoo Designs

Depending on your taste and style, you can choose among various fish designs you want to get inked in. And one can only have the fish scales finished to give it an edge. For Pisceans, tattoo positioning alternatives are likewise a very big benefit.

Anywhere on the body, including the nape, you can get the Pisces tattoo designs. Along with the other sections including the back, wrist, hands, arms, thighs, hips, belly, leg, and even ribs. To improve the look, one can complement it with several shades of colors.

Pisces is considered to be self-indulgent, lazy, and even unstable at times. These tattoos may be used to show that one has all of these characteristics, or they believe it is in them. Pisces can symbolize femininity too. Let’s have a look.

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