Take The New Halloween Inspiration With Disney Villain Nails

Let’s be clear: when it comes to winning a Halloween costume competition, no detail is too tiny, so don’t forget your manicure when dressing up this year as your favorite Disney villain nails. There’s a lot of nail art inspiration available on Instagram to complete your Halloween beauty look, whether you opt to go as a murderous fashion lover, a sea witch, or another evil character.

You will find everything on this list that are sure to make your costume even more seasonally suitable. Get ready to add the perfect final touch to your Disney villain nails costume.

villain-nail-designs24 Take The New Halloween Inspiration With Disney Villain Nails

Villain Are Not That Bad

We wouldn’t mind having a cocktail or visiting a karaoke bar with one of the evil queens, but we would never expect to become villains ourselves. Let’s face it: the Maleficent’s, the Ursulas, and the world’s Evil Queens are all … Refrigerator. They’re also the ones we’d want on our side in a landlord dispute (sometimes when it comes to adults, you have to be the bad guy). And we’re not the only ones thinking that way.

The Disney princesses might get all the attention, but everyone knows that being a baddie is a lot more fun. In looks influenced by Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Ursula, and the other feisty enemies we love to hate, Paris Hilton and YouTube personality Patrick Starrr strutted their evil self down the runway. And while fashion was fire, we had to give props to the manicurists. With the bedazzled designs, they certainly nailed those Disney villain nails.

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The Intriguing Disney Villain Nails

If you love Ursual, then we had to go for the beauty signatures of Ursula-white bouffant, and declaration-red lips on the accent nails! The sea witch is known for its purple, teal, and black palette, plus reflective glitter pieces.

Oxblood nails are always stunning, but especially perfect for channeling the bitter, threatening rival of Snow White. Taking notes from the peak and sharp crown of the Queen’s widow, you can use the included gold foil tape to make linear points, and add a ghastly decal. If you love other villains, check out the collection!

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