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The 12 Best Brogues for Men

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The 12 Best Brogues for Men

Brogues are a special kind of footwear that every man should have in his closet, though many men most likely do not. With a low heel and a more formal twist, you may feel that brogues simply aren’t for you. However, they are much more versatile and handy than you may think at first glance, and you should keep this in mind while shopping and expanding your wardrobe.

While some may appear to be on the more feminine side, there are several different pairs of brogues that are very masculine and can actually complete a formal look with style and class. In order to better help you navigate these potentially new waters, here is our list of the 12 best brogues for men.

Thom Browne Classic Longwing Brogues

These lightweight Thom Browne Classic Longwing Brogues are simple enough to be paired with a variety of outfits, yet unique enough to stand out and make some heads turn with their intentional elegance. Made in Italy from 100% leather, these brogues possess a quality and style that is not easily replicated.

The 100% rubber sole provides ample traction and support, ensuring that you will not slip or slide while walking around in these comfortable dress shoes. Though they are a solid black, the pop of red and blue on the collar of the back of the shoe adds a little flair that does not go unnoticed. Also, the heel is subtle enough to keep the shoe totally masculine and easy to walk in.

Bottega Veneta Tokyo Leather Brogues

Crafted by Italian artisans in Italy, these Bottega Veneta Tokyo Leather Brogues pay tribute to the iconic 54-year heritage of Bottega Veneta. The perforated accents and exaggerated welt provide beautiful yet simple detail that pairs so nicely with such a classy shoe.

The logo-debossed rubber outsole has great grip and traction so that you don’t have to worry about discomfort no matter how long of a day you may be wearing them in. The leather used in this design is also very smooth to the touch and to the eye, creating a delicate consistency that many desire in a solid pair of brogues.

Salvatore Ferragamo Dual-Tone Lace-Up Brogues

Looking for something sleek and sultry? The Salvatore Ferragamo Dual-Tone Lace-Up Brogues might be your answer. While solid brogues do have a certain charm, the burgundy accents found on this shoe take its exclusivity and style to the next level.

Known for being the “definition of Italian luxury,” Salvatore Ferragamo combines high-class materials and astounding craftsmanship to create timeless designs and products. With the lining, the outer makeup, and the sole of the shoe all being made from 100% fine leather, this is one of the only brogues that is literally pure leather.

Church’s Berlin Brogues

Available in four different shades and styles of black, the Church’s Berlin Brogues are a suave and sleek pair of dress shoes that any man would be interested in owning. The leather lining and Goodyear-welted soles make this shoe sturdy and reliable, while still appearing delicate enough to be formal.

Made in England, the lace-up design adds an element of elegance to an otherwise simple shoe. In addition, the various perforated designs create a nice appeal that is detailed without being too much.

Grenson Stanley Brogues

The tan coloring of these Grenson Stanley Brogues allows for you to have a more casual pair of brogues that still maintain the flair and style desired in this kind of footwear. Constructed from soft calf leather, the brogues really are one of a kind and are perfect for the more laid back guy.

If you find yourself enjoying more of a prep or hipster style, these shoes might be the perfect addition to your somewhat quirky wardrobe. The punch design and details also add a nice touch that shows just how much energy and effort goes into making such a solid pair of shoes.

Oliver Sweeney Calf Suede Derby Brogues

Serving up a totally different kind of look, these soft suede Oliver Sweeney Calf Suede Derby Brogues change the game with a more casual and laidback take on the traditional footwear. Available in Stogumber Grey and Stogumber Tobacco, these unique colors are far from the basic and traditional black coloring that is found in most brogues.

Due to the Fin Project Extra Light sole, these shoes are both breathable and lightweight, providing you with the ultimate level of comfort and ease while sporting these stylish shoes. Plus, the Oliver Sweeney signature thumbprint tread ensures optimal quality and experience, while the natural leather rand finish allows for longevity. 

Tod’s Lace-Up Brogues

Between the smooth shine and the artistic punch-hole design on the toe of the shoe, Tod’s Lace-Up Brogues can smarten up any look with total and complete ease. Crafted from 100% smooth brown leather, these shoes do their job in an essentially effortless manner. The round toe makes them a bit less formal and cold, allowing you to wear them to a variety of events and occasions.

Polo Ralph Lauren Brenton Wingtip Brogues

The Polo Ralph Lauren Brenton Wingtip Brogues are a real force to be reckoned with in the world of footwear. These 100% leather shoes have perforated detailing that is totally in alignment with the Ralph Lauren touch, while the almond toe gives a nice, formal edge. The low block heel gives the perfect amount of height without creating a more feminine look, and the deep brown coloring is a bit warmer and more unique than most black brogues.

Crockett & Jones Swansea Leather Brogues

While these Crockett & Jones Swansea Leather Brogues might appear on the more old-fashioned side, they are traditional enough to get by without too much distraction but modern enough to not look outdated or stuffy.

The branded leather insole provides an ample amount of cushion, and the flat rubber sole ensures proper traction and grip so that you do not have to worry about any discomfort due to the low heel. Plus, being that they are crafted in the UK, you can trust the quality and longevity of these traditional brogues.

Tricker’s Bourton Derby Brogues

Made from full-grain calf leather, the Tricker’s Bourton Derby Brogues combine quality and style to give you a special kind of footwear that you can either dress down or dress up. Being that Tricker has been making some of the best footwear in the market since 1829, it is no surprise that these shoes would be totally top-notch and deliver premium quality and comfort. Handmade in England, these brogues are designed to not only last a lifetime but create a lifetime of fun and fulfilling memories.

Scarossa Philip Oxford Brogues

The gorgeous detail on these Scarossa Philip Oxford Brogues is truly what makes them stand out in a crowd. Being that they have the simple shape of some traditional Oxfords, these brogues blend two formal styles to bring you a perfectly curated shoe that has everything you need in a nice pair of brogues.

The black calf leather used is both delicate and resilient, and the almond toe gives an extra special shape that adds some formality. Made in Italy from 100% leather, these shoes are sure to be your next favorite pair of classic yet sultry footwear.

Fratelli Rossetti Classic Brogues

These Fratelli Rossetti Classic Brogues come in a unique and stylish navy blue color that catches the eye without being too in your face. The heel on these leather brogues is also a bit taller than many other options, though it is not so obvious at first glance. The contrasting colors of the outer makeup and the sole create a nice cohesion that allows for this dress shoe to be worn with a variety of different suits or trousers, and the lace upfront ensures that you look put together and ready for an occasion no matter how traditional.



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