The best hand tattoo ideas to get for 2020

Tattoos are something that will last for a long time, so making a decision to have one will be something meaningful to you. These days, tattoos have varied from plants to animals and many symbols for you to choose from. Today, we will find out which are the best hand tattoo ideas you can get inspired by.

1. The cross hand tattoo

This delicate hand tattoo design can be on the side of your hands or can be shown on the fingers, which depends on your preferences. This cross will make you feel safe and secure.

2. The flowery tattoo

There are a variety of flowers that you can choose for your hand tattoos such as rose, sunflower, and daisy. You can learn about how these types of plants mean, then get one of them on hands if you like what they represent for.

3. Animal tattoo

Like the flowery tattoo, there is a lot of creative designs that you can get inspiration from. You can go for a tiger if you want to show your energy, wisdom, courage, and intelligence as well. In case you are looking for something to show transformation, charm, danger, and mystery, why don’t you try to get a snake hand tattoo.

4. Heart tattoo

Nothing is better than a heart to show that you want to have or already have a romantic relationship. There are many creative designs for hearts from traditional black and grey to colorful ones.

5. Text hand tattoo

It can be some saying that you are into or the name of somebody that you want to remember. Texts can be designed in many fonts to show your uniqueness. And for its size, you can go for a small or large one to suit your interest.

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