The Best Moment Of Harry Styles Nails To Inspire Your Manicure

If one iconic beauty characteristic other than his’ 70s rock-god hair is known to Harry Trends, it’s Harry Styles nails. Statement nails have been a go-to accessory for the artist. From sporting black polish in 2016 to more recently revealing album art featuring smiley faces.

He doesn’t just conform to one basic color of the nail, either; he also likes to keep up with nail trends. Read on to see all the best moments Harry Styles nails as his charismatic self.

harry-styles-nails-cover-1 The Best Moment Of Harry Styles Nails To Inspire Your Manicure

Pastel Colors

All right, he’s certainly got a thing for pastel shades. (His album is seriously coated in light shades of pink and blue.) It should not be shocking, therefore, that the colors have appeared a few times in 2019 and 2020. The multi-colored mani is continually a staple in his public appearances, from the Gucci Cruise 2020 Fashion Show to hosting Saturday Night Live.

Harry Style Nails: Stylish Red

While many of us wish Styles would be our Valentine every year, with a rose-red mani that gave his look the pop factor it needed, the former 1D member celebrated the holiday. Honestly, with a bright red hue, you can never go wrong, and the singer knows just how to keep it chic.

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Coral Polish

The Watermelon Sugar singer brought us the summer hit. Plus a music video with a bunch of inspiring fashion and beauty that had us drooling. The video’s opening gave us a short yet unforgettable glimpse of the bright pink mani that just screams for hydration to spend the day at the beach with a cool fruity drink.

Harry Style Nails: Smiley

During a promotional video for the vinyl version, fans got a sneak peek at his song. While many were eager to get their hands on the song, it was his bright yellow mani that had fans trying to replicate the look themselves with drawn-on smiley faces. For doing this fun, 90s-inspired nail design for Styles’ Guardian interview, nail artist Jenny Longworth is credited and we can’t thank her enough.

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