The Best Turkey Nail Designs That Having Actual “Turkey”

The perfect style for Thanksgiving nails is Turkey nail designs! Any adorable turkey nails can be worn by any lady celebrating Turkey Day to liven up the big day. When it comes to turkey nail art designs too the sky’s the limit. Options for design vary from basic and cute to complicated and practical.

Gobble. Gobble! Thanksgiving is basically here! Why not shake things up a little this year and try out some fun turkey nail designs!

turkey-nail21 The Best Turkey Nail Designs That Having Actual “Turkey”

Let’s Eat Your Nails Up

The event of thankfulness is thanksgiving; it is pure joy for the fertility of the crops and all the blessings that the Creator-God has bestowed on us throughout the year. With great fervor and euphoria, this day is celebrated where people manage to get together parties and make Turkey dishes to spend a happy time together.

Listen, we know what you think: “Are they seriously trying to make literal Thanksgiving nails happen?” Yes yes, we do. Yeah, you can do all season fall-themed nails, but we just gather around a table once a year to eat away our FACES, so why not enjoy it? Better still, why not let the main star of most T-Day dinners send a hat tip: the turkey. We definitely don’t give the bird enough thanks as it is, so we figured that dedicating an entire nail post to them would be appropriate/awesome.

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The Turkey Nail Designs

The go-to polishes for turkey nail art are usually warm fall colors. Think brown, green, yellow, and red. Metallics, such as gold, bronze, and copper, will give turkey nails a sweet shine, too.

It can be very hectic to have a Thanksgiving dinner, and not everyone has time to paint complex turkey nail art. Try a super quick polka dot turkey nail pattern if this is the case! For festive Thanksgiving nails, or bright colors, like orange and yellow scalloped pattern, are totally on top.

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