The Coolest Crescent Moon Tattoos (And What They Mean)

The Moon symbolizes a multitude of desires and values and makes it the ideal tattoo for someone who believes in the power of the heavenly body, loves the vast night sky or its esthetic appearance. Regardless of different purpose, the vast symbolism of the moon varies.

First of all, the moon is also a symbol of subtlety, since it does not create itself but reflects light. The sun will focus its light towards an intensive target, while the moon gently draws our attention and illuminates our world in a more esoteric way.

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Crescent moons, meanwhile, represent pregnancy and fertility in particular, although each culture has their own definition. Sarah Kim, a tattooist with the Brooklyn, New York Body Art & Soul Tattoo says that behind a crescent moon tattoo isn’t one sense.

The moon and its significance to the Halloween

The moon has an enormous tradition of witches association. Due to its strong halo of light, alchemists fused the moon with silver. In Wicca, the moon creates energy that relates to feminine and receptive, also known as deity energy. Wicca’s belief is that a growing crescent is perfect to bring something into your life and a declining crescent is better for unwanted releases.

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Of course, though behind crescent moon tattoos there is a depth of significance, having it doesn’t mean that you believe in it. Since the symbol is small, it is a perfect design for putting the ears, wrists, or ankles in positions like. Crescent moons are also a fundamental design. It can be easily modified because they can be completed, left as a contour, or otherwise transformed. Kim points out fascinating phrases as one of the key reasons why people get tattoos from the Crescent Moon. Moreover, she also mentions that the personal esthetic appeal often attracts people there.

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