The Easy & Perfect Skincare Orders For Your Night Routine

I bet whoever searches for this topic is starting to worry about their skin, there might be acne, big pores, oily dirty face, etc… Let me get this correct, you need to learn about your skin type before anything, because it would be useless if you buy products for oily skin while your skin type is dry and vice versa!

When you already know about your skin, you can buy suitable products and follow these steps to archive the ultimate results. Below is the right skincare orders for your night routine!

1. Cleanser

If you did makeup, you must use makeup removal first, you also should Exfoliate your skin weekly to make your skin completely clean before the skincare process.

2. Skincare for night routine: Toner

Toner is underrated, but it’s rather an important step. A few years ago, most toners are alcohol-based, so it makes your skin irritated, but now there are a lot of toners that are gentle and alcohol-free. It helps to balance your skin out and close the pores.

3. Serum / Treatment

This is the part where you use the serum/essence/treatments you bought to fix your skin issues, such as Vitamin C/ E serum, Retinol …to treat your current skin condition.

4. Using eye cream is a crucial skincare step for your night routine

Don’t forget the eyes! When you are 24-25, you will notice the drastic change in your eyes, you will gasp and realize how tired and old you look, well, it’s time to start purchasing eye products!

5. Moisturizer/ Night cream

This is the final step to your night skincare routine, you need a viscous moisturizer on top to seal up all of the under layers. This makes sure your skin is well-nourished and dehydrated overnight.

Nowadays when every women want to be younger than their actual age, the right skin care method is the most important thing you should follow. Follow exactly each step of skincare orders for your night routine in order to have a youthful skin.


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