The Fresh Geometric Nail Designs That You Must Try In 2020

Do you know what has already become a classic nail design? Geometric nail designs are totally timeless, they can be worn for all sorts of occasions and there are a number of styles, you can try colors and glitter, whatever comes to your mind.

We would like to share some amazing manicures today that will look gorgeous on both long and short nails, in various shades and with different looks. We rounded up some geometric nail designs for some inspiration, which are just too beautiful not to imitate!

geometric-nail-designs-cover The Fresh Geometric Nail Designs That You Must Try In 2020

The Timeless Manicure That Can Rock Every Time

Not everyone is a math class fan, but nearly everyone is a geometric nail fan. The same angles and shapes that used to torture us in the class of geometry make our nails look perfectly perfect now. The ordered chaos of geometric nail is something that is not only calming but also super cool to look at. And what’s best with geometric nail designs? With both the minimalist and the maximalist, they work — it’s all up to the individual’s design choice!

We seem to fall into the habit of nail patterns season after season. But nothing ever looked so right when we saw geometric nails on the list of its top trend predictions. They’re trendy, they’re fascinating, and best of all, they can be as easy or complicated as you want. The only problem, which really isn’t an issue? The choices are limitless.

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The Intriguing Geometric Nail Designs

Geometric nails allow a variety of colors and patterns to be mixed and matched so that our nails still look new. Almost infinite combinations and possibilities are open! To decorate your nails, a little imagination and boldness are needed, with the exception of regular artistic tools. Flowers, leaves, dots, streaks, lines, hearts … You can enrich your manicure with many details and patterns, but also the overall look.

In the world of manicure, neutral nude tones always rule when we talk about shades. Ladies adore them because they are gentle like them, they give their hands a carefree look, you can’t make a mistake with those colors and it’s easy to mix. You should be imaginative and decorate at least one neutral-colored nail with a triangle, circles, or a more powerful colored line.

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