The meaning of amazing and stunning Ed Sheeran’s tattoos

Ed Sheeran is famous for many hit songs such as  ‘Thinking Out Loud’, ‘Shape of You’, and ‘Perfect’. But the singer and producer is also known for his tattoos! On the whole body, he has more than 80 tattoos in total. Today, we are going to look at some interesting Ed Sheeran’s tattoos to know what they mean. And I hope that through this article, you can find something as an inspiration for your tattoos in the future.

Boxing gloves – Ed Sheeran’s tattoos

Ed Sheeran’s grandfather used to be a boxer, so we can see the close relationship between him and his grandfather. And there are 3 of gloves, which represent three his sold-out shows in Madison Square Garden!

Lyrics “everything that happens is from now on

As a singer and producer, having a tattoo about lyrics of any songs is not surprising. Ed Sheeran even has many of them, and one of them is “everything that happens is from now on”  from the song called ‘Re: Stacks’.

Lego Head – Ed Sheeran’s tattoos

Lego House has been considered as one of the popular songs of Ed Sheeran, so he decided to have it on the left arm to remember this success in 2013. It is really cute.

Damien Rice Autograph

As you may know, Damien Rice is one of people that Ed Sheeran admire, and he had the chance to meet him and to have Damien’s photograph when he was a kid. So, on the forearm, he has a tattoo of it.

Heinz Ketchup Logo

Ed is the person who falls in love with ketchup, and that’s the reason why he has Heinz Ketchup Logo tattoo. In the future, we may see many creative and beautiful tattoos of Ed Sheeran.

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