The most gorgeous diamond woman nails for 2020

Nail design with diamonds has never lose is popularity because this art always gives people a gorgeous, bright, and sparkle look.  These days, there is no limit in diamond nail ideas. You can for a nail with a real diamond or something like stickers, and it depends on your preference.

If you are going to do a simple and classic one, you can do it yourself. Or you may want to go to the nail shop if you want your design to be more detailed. Today, we are going to go through some best ideas for diamond nails and hope that you can find one for you.

1. Matte Diamond Nail

You can try different colors for each nail or the same color in a matte finish, and you will be amazed by its eye-catching look. It is even better if you can mix different colors in harmony. This style is something classic and you can do it yourself. 

2. Baby Pink Nail

If you are looking for something cute and bright, this one is for you. You can wear this design in many events, and it will draw the attention of others to your beauty. The combination of the cute color and sparkle diamond will make you feel great.

3. Ombre Nail

This nail will definitely give you a stunning look, but you may want to go to the nail salon for a better result.

4. Hologram Nail

This brightness from this nail art is something cheer you up after a hard-working day, and this design is also trendy. You will see it extremely beautiful under the sunlight.

5. Metallic Diamond Nail

This nail is so gorgeous and outstanding with either sticker or real diamond. This nail design is preferred by many people because of its luxury look.

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