The most intriguing butterfly tattoo ideas in 2020

Among the variety of options for your tattoo, a butterfly has never been out of date. Today, we are going to discover many types of butterfly tattoo ideas you can get in 2020.

1. Colorful butterfly tattoo ideas

A butterfly is known as a symbol of freedom, and femininity. Get an eye-catching butterfly tattoo on a suitable body part that can draw others’ attention to your beauty. You can make it visible to other people and want them to notice it or you can keep it secret,  and it depends on your preference.

2. Butterfly with flower tattoo

This mixture of butterfly and flower can make you feel fresh. If you are looking for something new instead of a butterfly only, this one may be something you can try.  This tattoo style is the combination of plant and animal which creates balance in art.

3. Black butterfly tattoo

If you are searching for a classic style, this black butterfly tattoo is something you want to have. This is basic and classic, but always outstanding because of the contrast between your skin color and the color of the butterfly. This simple style is elegant and alluring.

4. Surreal butterfly tattoo

If you are into something dreamy, you probably want to try this. It can stimulate the imagination of yourself and others. This one can also show your true-self and feeling in a unique way.

5. Geometric butterfly tattoo

This style is a combination of nature and mathematics. This kind of butterfly tattoo will give you a smart, brilliant, and beautiful sense. Tattoo artists can place the beauty of nature in different shapes to create masterpieces. 

6. Woman butterfly tattoo

This one is another combination, but between human beings and nature. As mentioned above, a butterfly tattoo is known as a symbol of freedom, and femininity.

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