When it comes to Japanese cuisine, people often think about sushi, ramen, and matcha. However, there is a variety of delicious desserts. Today, let’s check out the top popular and tasty Japanese desserts.  

1. Anmitsu

This is a very healthy Japanese dessert using the agar-agar jelly and fruit. Besides, brown sugar syrup and whipped cream or ice cream are added to create a tasty and sweet flavor.

2. Daifuku

Daifuku known as Daifuku Mochi is a type of sweet Japanese desserts.  This is created in a small round shape with sweetened red bean paste or caramel, cream or coffee flavor. Plus, it is often served with green tea for better taste.

3. Japanese desserts: Dango

This is a sweet Japanese dumpling made from rice flour. Like Daifuku, people usually enjoy it with a cup of green tea. 3 to 5 pieces of dango are served on a skewer.  

4. Dorayakione of the most popular Japanese desserts

If you are a fan of Doraemon comic, you definitely know this is Doraemon’s favorite cake. It is first made in the Taisho period (1912 – 1926) and become popular in Japan. The traditional Dorayaki contains red bean paste. Besides, matcha, coffee, and other flavors can also be altered.

5. Sakura mocha

It is made with pink mochi, red bean paste, and decorated by sakura leaves. This type of dessert is usually enjoyed in the spring, especially in the Sakura festival.

6. Taiyaki

Taiyaki has been considered as one of the most popular street food in Japan. It is a fish-shaped pastry made with flour and traditionally red bean paste. Taiyaki has a crispy crust with soft and moist paste inside.

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