The Pretty Solar Nails: What Is It And Why You Should Get It?

You may have heard of the phenomenon of the hot solar nails, but what are those, and what makes them different from other nail styles? Many people argue whether Solar nails and Acrylic nails are the same or not. If you are also confused with it but want to try getting it once in your life, then this article may help you.

Before you go to the salon, equip yourself with a little information to not be surprised! Here is some background information on solar nails and the beauty of it.

solar-nails21 The Pretty Solar Nails: What Is It And Why You Should Get It?

What Are Solar Nails?

To many different people, they are many different things. Some think it’s some sort of mystical drug, some think it’s pink & white (aka 2 tone nails), or something entirely different. The reality is, it’s a brand name made by CND (Creative Nail Design) with acrylic powder. CND has popularized a pink & white simple to do method that leads some techs to equate pink & white with Solar.

It is a premium acrylic product that is much better preformed than cheaper no-name products that appear to yellow easily, lift easier, and so on. For a collection of acrylic nails using CND products, it is worth paying a premium as long as the salon is actually using CND products. Some would advertise pink and white with cheap acrylic stuff, implying Solar.

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The Inspired Design

Although many assume that solar nails can only be done in one way, this is a totally false belief. It can be executed in any style you want. You may get them cut and formed to your choice for personal design. The color of your nails depends on what you want; if it’s not your style, you don’t have to settle for the easy.

You can try glitter, french manicure, airbrushed, try it with different nail polish colors. With solar nails, you still able to try various nail styles, and it is a great choice for you. Let’s try this on.

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