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The Realistic And Abstracts Beauty In Trash Polka Tattoo Designs

Trash Polka Tattoo cover

Don’t think just because it has the word “trash”, it relates to some rubbish or lame designs, trash polka tattoo designs are naturalistic, photorealistic motives with abstract elements. It creates a beautiful and mesmerizing masterpiece that everyone can’t take their eyes off your tattoo once you have it. This type of tattoo is famous among tattoo artists, beside mandala or Maori tattoo designs, but maybe you have never heard of it. Here we will introduce you about the trash polka tattoo and the beauty in its designs.

The History

Back in 1998, two tattoo artists Volker Merschky and Simone Pfaff combined images with realistic elements with graphic, lettering, and other artistic layers. They combined everything together like composition and used it in a musical sense. They named their work as “Realistic Trash Polka”. After a while, they shortened the name “Trash Polka” since they didn’t want their style to have specific rules. Merschky said their style is the “combination of realism and trash; nature and the abstract; technology and humanity; past, present, and future; opposites that they are trying to urge into a creative dance to harmony and rhythm in tune with the body.”

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The Beauty of Trash Polka Tattoo

The tattoo design is a combination of red and black ink only, using fine, bold lines with splatter and smudges in and around the designs. It all comes together to create a beautiful artwork that resembles the dark appeal yet interesting bold statement. Trash polka tattoo often abstract with realistic elements with incredible detailing, and are genuine works of art on the body.

There is no limitation with human creativity, and the trash polka tattoo is a perfect example. The technique of using abstract designs combined with realistic motifs is a key point of this tattoo style. So, most of the designs using a large tattoo cover up the body in order to suite the motifs and elements.

Let’s not keep you waiting, here are some of the best trash polka tattoo designs that will make you blow your mind and you may decide to have one.



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