Today, we are going to look back to see how makeup look for the brides changed from the 1970s to 2010s and to know the bridal makeup trend that the bride love in each period.

1. Bridal makeup – 1970s

During this time, the right of women in political and economic issues advanced. Thus, it influenced significantly on the cosmetic industry. The makeup varies from minimal to disco style. For the minimal one, people use light and warm shade such as green and brown for eyeshadow. For the disco style, bright eye color, shimmery glossy bridal makeup are common.

2. 1980s

Move to the 1980s, the first step to do a bridal makeup is to apply foundation with hands in order to make the skin look fresh as well as smooth. The makeup artists contour with large sweeps of the blush in the hollow of the cheeks and bright eyeliner is sometimes used. Colors for the eyes such as purple, pink, and blue are favorite ones at that time.

3. 1990s

There was a simple and natural trend called “no makeup” makeup, and Cindy Crawford and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy set this trend at that time. The makeup artists create fresh matte finish with thin eyebrows and the brides prefer a sweep of the blush of soft color. Mascara is also kept light.

4. 2000s

For this decade, many people prefer smokey eyes. nude lipstick color and neutral shadow. All in all, the bridal look at this time is quite simple and natural.

5. Bridal makeup – 2010s

In comparison to the previous decade, the overall makeup emphasizes bolder characteristics. The makeup artists make the eyebrows strong and use lush lashes and a heavy matte foundation. Eyeshadow can be in diverse pink tones and waterproof mascara can be important for the bridal at the wedding. The lipstick in pink and nude shades are common.

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