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The Tutorial For Making An Easy Origami Pinwheel

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A pinwheel is one of the best toys among children.  There are a lot of pinwheels, but the simplest – paper pinwheel is one of the most favorite and meaningful ones. So, today, we are going to learn how to make an easy origami pinwheel.

Ingredients for origami pinwheel

The preparation to make it is really easy – just need a square paper with the color and the size that you love your origami pinwheel to have.

Instruction to make the pinwheel

Step 1: Fold the prepared paper so that it could make a cross on the paper, and then open it.  After that, fold the opposite corners to make a triangle so the head of it can reach to the center of the square.  Turn it over to the behind, and then fold the opposite corners to the inside.

Step 2: Fold vertically as in the images. Let’s fold so that all the parts are divided in half. Do the same things for the other side to achieve the square as in the following images.

Step 3: Unfold one of the parts that we folded before as the red arrow to the left. Let’s continue to open the triangle in the corner as the arrow on the right. Then we can receive the shape like in the 10th image. Do the same things as the behind. Unfold the triangle corners but I the opposite direction to the left. Finally, we have 2 opposite corners to make 2 wings of the pinwheel.  

Step 4: For this last step, from the brown corner like in the picture, unfold and open the left wings of the pinwheel.

That’s all for making an easy origami pinwheel today. I hope you will like it. See you, guys in the next post.

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