These Birthstone Tattoos Are Gorgeous Optical Illusions

Creating something permanently into your body is a way of showing the world how important things are to you, whether it’s a personal picture or just because you like it looks. Birthstone tattoos are a good way to celebrate your birth month (alternative to constellation designs). Additionally, their shapes and colors can be interpreted to make your final design very special.

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But would you like to be sure that your tattoo has a big wow factor? A modern solution is to encourage artists to shadow and highlight so that your gemstone looks like it really reflects light — you can even be an optical illusion to your birthstone tattoo! The design looks like a combination of black & white details. Thus, you can be confident that your tattoo is still bright and ready to display. Here are some suggestions to honor and celebrate your birthplace for the amazing optical illusion Birthstone Tattoos.

These Birthstone Tattoos Are Gorgeous Optical Illusions

1. January: Garnet

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If your birthplace is more minimalist, ask for a simple gem (this one is diamond similar) in colored ink from your tattoo artist. The gemstone brings a sense of depth and dimension by adding a black outline and small black splotches. A common option is the teardrop shape that gives the design a personalized aspect since gems can be trimmed in various shapes.

2. February: Amythest

Having cardiovascular birthplaces is a brilliant idea to add whims to a smooth style. This tattoo uses a set of pearls to highlight its nature and the gemstone nature along the outer side of the gem. Having a tattoo on a wristband is a rare and declaratory way of displaying your childhood.

3. March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is exquisite because it consists of a variety of different colors. That leads to more than one color can be mixed into your tattoo. This style refrains from using any black lines to make it appear more natural.

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