Things You Should Know About Dry Skin

Normally, people with dry skin are less aware of their skincare routine than people with oily skin. That’s the reason why people with dry skin less care about skincare routine than others. Ideal skin has the moisture content of 15% to 25%, while dry skin has the moisture content of less than 10%. The skin has no moisturizing feeling and insufficient cortical secretion, which leads to moisture loss and rough skin surface. In this post, we are going to help you understand more about your skin and take good care of it!

Here are some features of dry skin

 – Dry skin looks fine, with small pores and no greasy feeling, giving people a clean and fresh feeling. But it has less sebum secretion, lacks luster, and easily get wrinkles; it has poor resistance to damage and is prone to sensitivity, so you need to take care of your skin properly.

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– The water temperature for cleaning for your skin should be moderately low, about 30 degrees is the most ideal

– It’s better to use a non-alkaline cleanser to clean the face.

– Gently massage the face with the fingertips for 3 to 5 minutes, this can improve the blood circulation of the face and makes the skin smoother and shinier.

– Apply moisturizing lotion, this is very important. If your skin gets too dry, it may result in many skin problems such as Atopic dermatitis (eczema), redness, cracking, and inflammation.

– Apply some night cream before going to bed at night to maintain the moisture in your skin

– It is recommended to use masks two to three times a week

– Focus on the moisturizing products and skincare routine to balance skin oil and moisture.

The truth is, you should know which type of your skin is, in case you have dry skin, these tips might be helpful for you! Keep in mind and take care of your skin.

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