Tips For Oily Hair – How To Stay Away From Greasy Hair?

Among all the hair textures, dealing with oily hair can be the most frustrating thing to do. If you leave it untreated, it can have an unpleasant odor, be difficult to style, and even cause scalp acne. Not to mention, this natural oil is still too for our hair to completely eliminate it. Yet, there are some solutions for those of us dealing with greasy strands. So, let’s change your haircare routine by follow our tips for oily hair to reduce oil production.

What Causes Hair to Be Oily?

Greasy hair is mainly because of a build-up of excess sebum, a natural oil produced within our oil glands. This is the result of overproduction of oil to protect hydrated and healthy hair. Or, it can originate from an imbalance of hormone systems in your body. Sometimes, this irritating situation is caused by our unconscious activities. For example, touching our hair or washing it too often also makes hair become greasy. Once you identify the real reasons for your problems, dealing with it is now just a piece of cake. 

Tips for oily hair: Wash less often 

When washing your hair, you are stripping away its natural sebum. This will make your body react and reproduce more oil to compensate for the lost one. Then, when you see your hair look oily, you start washing and rinsing it over and over again. This repeating process can accidentally make your body lose its imbalance and over-produce oil. To tackle, try to ignore the problem for 2 or 3 weeks and just wash twice or three times. You will see a much better result.

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Limit brushing and touching

Twirling and raking you do throughout the day can really affect the look and feel of your hair, no matter with your fingers or a brush. Try to leave your hair alone and only touch it when you are styling your hair.

Skip conditioner

If your hair is naturally oily already, then try to avoid using conditioner as much as possible. This hair product contains lots of  shine elements or other heavy moisturizers, which make your hair even greasier. Yet, if you need to use conditioner so much, then apply a little at the ends of your hair only. 

Eat sensibly

Choose fresh, healthy foods and avoid those high in processed sugars and fats. Your hair tells a lot about your health, so keeping the body healthy is also good for your hair. 

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Try natural remedies

Many people have succeeded in dealing with oily hair by a mixture of lemon juice or vinegar. Mix the juice of about two lemons with a quart of distilled water or two spoons of white vinegar with a cup of water. Gently rinse your hair through either mixture and act as an astringent to remove excess oil. If you are crazy about greasy hair, why don’t you try our tips for oily hair and see how it works?

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